The Heart of Innovation

Making a Difference

Having a positive impact on increasingly complex and costly healthcare needs requires more than the creation of new products — it requires innovation. And, the successful translation of those needs into innovation means keeping you at the heart of the process.

“We have to have insight into the very essence of what our customers do for a living with respect to a clinician’s workflow, with respect to an anesthesiologist’s needs in the OR, and with respect to the IT group and the challenges they face,” said Tom Precht, Hospira marketing manager.

Innovation can be found in all of our clinical solutions. From reducing medication errors to patient and caregiver safety, you will find a combination of products and processes to help you make a difference in the lives of your patients.

“Hospira is making a difference when we say that we Advance Wellness™, that we want the best for our customers and our patients,” added Precht.

IV Clinical Integration (IVCI)

As the leader in live IVCI sites, Hospira is taking smart pump technology to the next level by integrating it with your healthcare facility’s electronic medical records (EMR) system. Data gathered from one medical center estimated that IVCI potentially avoided $6.8 million per year in preventable adverse drug events.1

Oncology Portfolio

To meet the needs of clinicians and others who work in an oncology setting, we offer solutions for everything from distribution, preparation, transfer and delivery to disposal. These solutions include the ChemoClave™ system, the Plum A+™ infusion system and a portfolio of oncolytic drugs utilizing Onco-Tain™ vial packaging.

iSecure™ Syringe System

One of our many unique drug delivery systems, the iSecure syringe system is “different by design” to help promote patient and caregiver safety. This clinician-inspired intuitive design not only helps reduce medication errors, but also saves time and lowers costs with no additional supplies.


As the biologic landscape evolves with the introduction of biosimliars, we will realize the potential for more affordable, safe and effective alternatives to many of the current biologic therapies. In countries where biosimilars have been available for more than a year, the use of these products has led to cost savings of 20% to 30%.2,3

Partners in Design

Whether your concern is caregiver safety, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) or managing supply costs, workflow and information, Hospira looks to you as a partner in the process of designing a solution. “We sincerely understand what the nurse, the pharmacist and the patient are experiencing,” said Sean O’Donnell, Vice President, Hospital Sales. “Only by understanding them can we design things that are going to work well in their real-world environment.”

At Hospira, investing and innovating in ways that meet your clinical needs is our driving force. Where there are roadblocks, we see possibilities. When there are questions, we listen — then we immerse ourselves in the search for answers.

You are the inspiration that fuels our innovation.

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