Public Policy Engagement

Hospira and our employees participate in the public policy process in a variety of ways — from corporate government affairs programs designed to educate and influence elected officials on key public policy issues related to the company's business, to individual political giving by employees through the Hospira Political Action Committee, to membership in trade associations which help to advance our business objectives. Our participation is guided by a set of principles that govern our corporate policies and practices:

Public Policy Positions

As the first American company to provide biosimilars in Europe and Australia, Hospira has been at the forefront of driving global policies to support the availability of biosimilars. Learn more about Hospira's Biosimilars Policy, and our Position on Extrapolation

Learn more about the company’s Position on Use of Our Products in Lethal Injections


In compliance with regulations and our commitment to transparency, Hospira regularly files reports that detail our advocacy activities. Our disclosures include consultant fees, lobbying expenses and trade association dues spent on advocacy.

JurisdictionFY 2010
FY 2011
FY 2012
United States (Federal)$610,000$660,000$1,080,000
United States (State)$61,500$238,890$140,403

Political Donations

Hospira Political Action Committee

Hospira sponsors the Hospira Political Action Committee (HOSPIRA PAC) to enable Hospira employees to participate more effectively in the U.S. political process. The committee, created in 2008, informs its members about important issues and government decisions that can affect Hospira's business. It also provides an opportunity for members to collectively support public policy positions that are important to Hospira.


HOSPIRA PAC is a bipartisan organization that contributes to the campaigns of federal and local candidates. HOSPIRA PAC typically supports candidates who share Hospira's views on public policy, serve as congressional or legislative leaders, represent districts or states where Hospira has a major business presence, or serve on committees that have jurisdiction over legislation that is important to the company.


The HOSPIRA PAC Board of Directors meets regularly to evaluate candidates' public policy positions on issues that are relevant to Hospira's business.


HOSPIRA PAC Contributions201020112012
Federal Candidate Contributions$83,500$111,290$81,000
State Candidate Contributions$1,500$0$6,000
TOTAL Contribution$85,000$111,290$87,000

Independent Expenditures

Hospira has adopted the policy to NOT make independent political expenditures. Hospira's policy on Independent Expenditures can be found here.

Hospira Trade Association Memberships

Like all major corporations, Hospira is a member of a number of trade associations (organized under section 501(c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code) in the United States to help advance our public policy agenda and related business goals. We publicly disclose and update annually on a list of those trade associations to which Hospira pays dues and makes other expenditures. Each year, Hospira inquires and makes a reasonable effort to obtain from those associations where our dues and other expenditures total $25,000 or more, what portion of the company's dues or payments were used for lobbying expenditures or political contributions. This information is publically disclosed and updated annually.


Hospira Trade Association Memberships
January 1, 2012 — December 31, 2012
Lobbying ($)**Total Dues
Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed)$25,500$425,000
Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA)$256,436$641,090
Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA)$6,000$40,000
**Non-deductible portion of dues computed pursuant to I.R.C. § 162 (e) and Treas. Reg. § 1.162.29.