Carpuject™ Syringe System

PS DeliverySys Carpuject Syringe Product Photo 248x150

The Carpuject syringe drug delivery system consists of prefilled cartridges that are loaded into a syringe holder. The reusable, autoclavable holder is designed to provide stability during injection and easy, safe disposal of the glass cartridge unit after use. The disposable sterile 2 mL or 5 mL cartridge unit containing medication is designed for compatibility with Y-injection sites and male adapter plugs, such as Hospira’s LifeShield™ connectors and catheter patency devices.

  • Broad product portfolio of analgesics and other therapeutic drugs
  • Easy loading cartridges and one-handed disposal help save time and steps
  • 100 percent bar coded at the unit-of-use to help prevent medication errors and facilitate tracking, billing and loss prevention
  • Enhanced product label is designed for easy reading by clinicians and to help minimize medication errors
  • Conveniently stores in automated dispensing machines
Slim-Pak™ unit-dose packaging provides:
  • A single Carpuject syringe which may help prevent drug diversion and may reduce waste
  • Enhanced control of Class II drugs
  • Tamper-evidence and tamper-resistance at the unit-dose level


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