Prefilled Flush Syringes

PS DeliverySys Prefilled Syringe Product Photo 248x150
  • Terminal sterilization ensures the highest sterility assurance level (SAL)
  • Unit dosing helps reduce medication errors
  • Bar coding on unit-of-use helps minimize errors
  • Latex-free, preservative-free, sterile fluid path
  • Needle-free design to prevent needlestick injuries

  • Prefilled, preassembled and ready-to-use
  • Bar coding allows bedside scanning and aids inventory management
  • Luer lock, the "universal connector," also helps prevent needlestick injuries
  • No additional components to buy (e.g., syringes, vials, luer connectors)
  • Unopened syringes can be returned to inventory, minimizing waste
  • Reduces waste disposal costs compared with syringes and vials<</li>



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