Plum A+™ Infusion System

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Hospira Product Numbers List Number12391
Case Information Order Quantity1 Unit Case Size1 x 1 Cases per Tier12 Cases per Pallet48
Pump LinePlum™ A+
Pump TypeGeneral Infusion
DimensionsApprox. 8" h x 8" w x 6" d (excluding pole clamp protrusion and power cord storage)
WeightApprox. 9.5 lbs. (with battery)
Battery Life Approx. 6 hours at 125 mL/hr, or deliver 500 mL at 126 mL/hr or greater on one line
Power Requirements 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 50 VA
Recharge Time Approx. 6 hours with one line operating at 125 mL/hr
Volume Range 0.1 to 99.9 mL (in 0.1 mL increments), 100 to 9999 mL (in mL increments)
Delivery Rate Accuracy ± 5% (1-999 mL/hr), ± 10% (0.1-0.9 mL/hr)
Delivery Rates

Primary: 0.1 mL/hr Minimum, 999 mL/hr Maximum; Secondary: 0.1 mL/hr Minimum, 999 mL/hr Maximum; Concurrent: 0.5 mL (per line) Minimum, 500 mL/hr (cumulative) Maximum

Delivery Units mL/hr, mcg/kg/min, mcg/min, mcg/kg/hr, cg/hr, mg/min, mg/kg/hr, mg/hr, ng/kg/min, g/hr, mEq/hr, Million units/hr, units/min, units/hr, units/kg/hr, units/kg/min, mmol/min, mmol/hr
System Alarms Air-in-Line, Air-in-Line Backpriming, Low Battery, Occlusion, Turn to Run, Flow Detector, VTBI Complete or Dose End
Occlusion Alarm Pressure

1-15 psig (default 6 psig)

KVO Rate 1.0 mL/hr or the last primary delivery rate, whichever is less