Helping to Create a Greener World for Customers and Communities

With the increasing focus on environmental responsibility around the globe, many of our customers want partners who can help them reach their sustainability targets and ease their regulatory burdens. Just as important, our communities deserve our commitment to — and passion for — a greener, healthier world.
From our inception, Hospira has cared about reducing the environmental impact of our operations.  In 2005, we set aggressive goals to curb our resource use by working more efficiently — five years later, we had met or surpassed all of our goals. We’re building on that success with a new five-year goal of a 20% reduction in waste disposal, water use and energy use.
We’re proud that Newsweek recognized our achievements by naming us one of 2011’s top 50 companies in its annual Green Rankings, our third year on the list. We moved up more than 30 spots to rank 41st among 500 publicly traded US companies.1 

Listening to our Customers
Many of our customers’ sustainability goals echo our own. For example, healthcare facilities around the world are working to minimize the use of DEHP — a plasticizer that poses health risks to certain populations and the environment. In response, we committed significant resources to develop a comprehensive line of cost-effective, non-DEHP alternatives. 
Waste disposal is another critical industry issue, and its costs can be significant. Customers told us they want to maximize package recycling and reduce waste, and we developed delivery systems that support their efforts, including: 
  • The VisIV™ container is the first plastic flexible IV container that requires no plastic overwrap, resulting in approximately 40% to 70% less waste than other flexible IV containers2. By reducing the amount of plastic packaging, Hospira supports the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Waste Management Hierarchy, which states that waste should be prevented at the source whenever possible.3
  • Our ChemoClave™ Series closed system transfer devices (CSTDs) generated less biohazardous waste than any other commercially available CSTD according to one study.4
  • The packaging of our specialty injectable pharmaceuticals, which replaces single-dose packages with shelf-ready boxes, reduces waste, saves time and improves workflow.
Looking to the Future
We are proactively designing products to drive product stewardship and enhance customer value. Product stewardship is built around the concept that whoever designs, manufactures, sells or uses a product is involved in managing its end-of-life and minimizing its environmental impact. 
As we move forward, we’re involving more departments and cross-functional teams across the company in product stewardship. This is an important and exciting focus, because it involves working in close partnership with our customers.
We know that corporate sustainability touches virtually everyone we touch: customers, their staff and patients, our employees and our communities. We are committed to sustainability as an integral part of our future — for our company, our planet and our children.

Setting and Surpassing Sustainability Goals

We established a range of ambitious environmental targets for 2005-2010, and have met or surpassed all of them (ahead of schedule in some cases). Examples:
  • Goal: 5% reduction in packaging materials 
    6.5 million pounds of packaging weight reductions were achieved through product-packaging redesign efforts, with Hospira exceeding the five-year goal of a reduction of 5.8 million pounds.
  • Goal: 10% reduction in hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste and air emissions
    We exceeded our reduction targets by 66%, 21% and 55% respectively.
  • Goal: 5% reduction in water and energy usage 
    We exceeded our reduction goal for water usage by 7% and our reduction goal for energy usage by 14%.
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