Striving to Make Your Environment a Safer Place to Work

Every day, around the clock, healthcare professionals like you work to guard the health and safety of patients, which may put your own well-being at risk. 
This is why we strive to make your environment a safer place, where you can apply your knowledge, skills and compassion with the greatest assurance. Improved on-the-job safety for you may have additional benefits — for example, research indicates that a safer working environment for nurses is a safer environment for those in their care.1 
At Hospira, we offer a broad range of products and solutions designed to improve operational efficiencies and minimize common safety risks to healthcare providers, such as: 
While you’re giving your best to others, you can count on us to do our best to help keep you safe. 
  1. Taylor JA, Dominici F, Agnew J, et al. Do nurse and patient injuries share common antecedents? An analysis of associations with safety climate and working conditions. BMJ Qual Saf. February 2012;21:101-111.