Helping to Prevent Medication Errors

Medication Errors PhotoWith medication errors causing at least one death every day and injuring approximately 1.3 million people annually in the U.S.,1 it’s crucial that you have confidence in your drug delivery systems. With patient safety top of mind, and to help promote your peace of mind, we offer a suite of products to assist you in accurately delivering and monitoring medications.

Our infusion and drug delivery systems are designed for safe and efficient use in various clinical settings along the entire continuum of care, from hospitals to outpatient clinics and home care. They include:

Our infusion pumps are designed to work with Hospira MedNet™ safety software which provides bedside guidance for appropriate dosing through customizable and configurable drug libraries.2 In addition, the safety software provides quantifiable data to help healthcare facilities focus on continuous quality improvement initiatives — to better understand, improve and enhance their clinical practice.

Eliminating medication errors is the fundamental goal of medication management and, through the Hospira MedNet™ safety software platform, our IV clinical integration solution brings this to the forefront. Hospira's IV Clinical Integration solution connects the medication order with the IV pump, patient information and electronic medical record (EMR) to streamline workflow and help improve patient safety.

Through our products and services, Hospira strives to provide you with a greater sense of confidence and more time to comfort and support those in need.
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