Working to Reduce Medication Errors Related to Dosing and Labeling

Hospira is committed to developing products that support accurate drug selection and administration. It’s central to the way we design everything from our innovative drug delivery systems and safety support software to the labels on our medications.  
According to a recent study, at least 25% of all harmful adverse drug events (ADEs) are preventable.1 Our products have a variety of features that can improve labeling and dosing accuracy, which may help to reduce the risk of medication errors. These features include: 

Bar Coding

At the bedside, bar-code technology can confirm your patient's identity as well as the medication to be administered:
  • Hospira's line of more than 1,000 injectable pharmaceuticals and IV solutions are 100% bar-coded 
  • LifeCare PCA™ is the only PCA pump with an integral bar-code reader for prefilled and pharmacy-filled drug vials
  • Our comprehensive line of emergency syringes includes the Abboject™ and Ansyr™ syringes, both 100% bar-coded at unit-of-use

Prefilled and Premixed Products

Prefilled and premixed medications can help eliminate guesswork and promote proper dosing:

Innovative Technologies

Advances in technology can help you expand the horizons of your patient safety programs:
Developing products that can help you ensure proper medication administration is one of our highest priorities, because we know it’s one of yours. Fonts, colors, clarity of screen displays — no detail is too small for us to improve upon, because they can all make a big difference in your confidence when caring for patients.
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