Supporting Order-Administration Accuracy to Help Reduce Medication Errors

Order Administration ErrorsDespite your best efforts to ensure that the right drug in the right dose is given to the right patient, mistakes can happen. With just a slip of the finger or a double keystroke when programming an infusion device, a small error can potentially turn into a difficult situation for your patient — and your healthcare facility.

We know that you are committed to doing the best for your patients. It’s for this reason that we invest in research and advanced technologies designed to help you reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes. This commitment is reflected throughout our portfolio, including:

Smart Infusion Devices

Smart infusion devices like Hospira’s Plum A+™ and LifeCare PCA™ infusion systems provide you with the ability to establish and implement hard and soft limits specific to each clinical care area.
  • Plum A+™ infusion system provides precise delivery of multiple therapies to manage the complex medication dosing regimens of patients typically seen in emergency rooms, intensive care units and oncology centers. The only infusion system with assured secondary-line delivery and protection, Plum A+™ is upgradeable and scalable to Hospira MedNet™ for an added level of safety. 
  • LifeCare PCA™ infusion system, when used with Hospira MedNet™ software, offers an unmatched combination of features for patient-controlled analgesia therapy. It has an integral bar code reader for medication identification of prefilled and custom-filled vials with pharmacy-generated bar codes and supports multiple medication rule sets for up to 18 clinical care areas.

Safety Software

Used in conjunction with smart infusion devices, Hospira MedNet™ safety software provides the ability to guide and monitor medication administration as well as streamline workflow. Hospira MedNet™ enables you to develop customized drug libraries and set rules for specific clinical care areas, so that your patients have greater protection from infusion errors.

Clinical Integration

Hospira is the industry-recognized leader in IV Clinical Integration1, which seamlessly connects the medication order with the infusion device, patient information and the electronic medical record (EMR). This facilitates accurate and timely electronic documentation of IV infusion information. By adopting IV Clinical Integration, your facility can significantly decrease the number of manual steps needed for IV medication delivery.1

After adopting IV Clinical Integration, a number of customers have achieved significant results in medication error reduction as well as workflow efficiencies and cost reductions. In fact, one healthcare facility reported a 32% reduction in reported heparin administration errors by using IV Clinical Integration.1*

Through these and other innovative products, we’re on guard to help you ensure the safety of your patients, and to help your facility avoid the potential costs of adverse drug events.
*Results may vary by facility.
  1. Prusch AE, Suess TM, Paoletti RD, Olin ST, Watts SD. Integrating technology to improve medication administration.Am J Health-Syst Pharm. 2011;68(9):835-842.