Clinical Mentoring Services

Optimize Your Drug Library Practices with Hospira’s Clinical Mentoring Services

Clinical Mentoring Services Photo 200x373The Hospira Clinical Mentoring Program is a consultative service designed to help maximize Hospira MedNet™ Safety Software for new and existing users. Our experts (a Hospira Pharmacy Consultant and/or Clinical Nurse Consultant) will team with yours to help ensure that your Hospira smart infusion devices are being operated safely and that your clinical practices are centered on the highest quality of patient care.
A highly trained and experienced Hospira Clinical Services consultant will help you utilize the Hospira MedNet™ System to its fullest potential, showing you ways to:
  • Identify opportunities to enhance your current drug library
  • Maximize the use of Hospira MedNet™ Performance™ reports data
  • Document “critical” catches
  • Identify potential failure nodes and developing action plans
  • Incorporate new Hospira MedNet™ system features and functions

This program is designed to support Hospira MedNet™ safety software, the Hospira Gemstar™ SP safety software and the Hospira line of smart general and patient-controlled analgesia infusion devices.

To learn more about Hospira’s Clinical Mentoring Services, contact us at: 1-877-946-7747.