Drug Delivery Systems

Innovating for You

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Safety. Convenience. Savings. With a combination of drugs and innovative delivery systems, we improve safety and increase efficiencies from the pharmacy to the patient. Hospira’s exclusive drug delivery systems help you meet evolving standards of care while reducing waste and associated costs. We are committed to taking care of you so you can focus on your patients.

Our innovative line-up of drug delivery systems includes:

ADD-Vantage™ Vials

For two decades this unique, convenient, two-piece system has helped minimize admixing errors. Learn more.

Carpuject™ Syringe Systems

The most well-known, pre-filled injectable product on the market today, the Carpuject syringe can help prevent medication errors and needlestick injuries. Learn more.

FirstChoice™ Premixes and Specialty Solutions

Our premixes and specialty solutions make it easier to safely and effectively meet evolving standards of care. Learn more.

Emergency & Flush Syringes

Your long-term partner in a broad and flexible line of emergency syringes, both needle-free and protected needle. Learn more.

        Ansyr™ Syringes
        Efficient, needle-free technology at your fingertips when you need it. Learn more.

        LifeShield™ Abboject™ Syringes
        Flexible dual-connection capability for luer and standard access sites. Learn more.

iSecure™ Syringes

Innovative, ready-to-use packaging helps deliver a greater level of convenience and safety. Learn more.

Onco-Tain™ Vials

Exclusive vial design protects against hazardous drug exposure, raising the bar for chemotherapy drug packaging standards. Learn more.

For more information on our exclusive drug delivery systems, contact a Hospira sales representative or call us at 1-877-946-7747.