Emergency Syringes

Flexible Options When You Need Them Most

Emergency Flush Product Photo smallIn an emergency, you need ready-to-use syringes you can rely on. As your long-term partner, we’re committed to delivering safe, convenient and effective emergency syringe solutions. Our broad and flexible portfolio includes both needle-free and protected needle options.

When Seconds Count, Our Emergency Syringes Deliver

  • Extensive portfolio of emergency syringes
  • Differentiated packaging features
  • Clear, easy-to-read, bar-coded labels help ensure patient safety
  • Vibrant labeling for easy drug identification
  • Instructions for use printed on every package for ease-of-use
  • Manufactured with non-latex components

Ansyr™ Syringe

The Ansyr™ syringe is a proprietary delivery option offering one-piece, polypropylene plastic construction with a needle-free luer lock tip. Ansyr syringes are available prefilled with a wide range of emergency medications. Graduated markings on the syringe barrel conform to ISO standards and clearly show any drug remaining.

Ansyr Unique Features:

  • All plastic design eliminates glass breakage risk
  • Flexible luer lock tip compatible with any IV system
  • Easy-to-open packaging provides accessibility from either end

Ansyr Graphic 630x299Ansyr is Compatible with:

LifeShield™ Abboject™ Syringe

Flexible and reliable, the ready-to-use LifeShield™ Abboject™ syringe minimizes errors and protects caregivers and patients alike. It can be used for needle-free or shrouded needle access. The design features two pieces — a calibrated glass drug vial and a matching plastic syringe barrel with integral injector needle.

Key LifeShield Abboject Advantages:

  • Extended shroud offers added protection against inadvertent needlesticks
  • Dual-connection capability for flexibility
  • Compatible with luer access and standard injection sites

Abboject Graphic 630x299For more information on Hospira’s portfolio of emergency syringes, including Ansyr™ or Abboject™, contact your Hospira sales representative or call us at 1-877-946-7747.

At Hospira, we offer a broad portfolio of products and solutions designed to minimize common safety risks to healthcare providers and their patients. Learn more about our ongoing commitment to caregiver safety and the options that we can offer you.