Smart Options for Reliable Medication Delivery

Hospira high-performance infusion pumps make it easy for you to deliver exceptional patient safety and care. Our focused portfolio features proven, innovative smart pump and pain management technology designed to help meet your clinical safety and workflow goals. The powerful Hospira MedNet™ safety software helps to reduce medication errors and raise the bar for your medication management system. And, with an eye to the future, our Plum™ family of smart pumps with Hospira MedNet are designed to integrate with your electronic medical record (EMR) systems through our IV Clinical Integration solution.

Our focused line of infusion systems includes general infusion and pain management pumps:

Plum 360™ Infusion System

Your direct connection to clinical excellence with integrated safety and efficiency at every step. Learn more.

Lifecare PCA™ Infusion System

Your patients can rest assured with our Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) pump designed for patient safety with built-in bar code reader, pre-filled syringes and more. Learn more.

SapphirePlus™ Infusion System

The small, simple solution for complex healthcare that is easy to handle, fast to set up and ready for the future. Learn more.

Sapphire™ Infusion System

See how the Sapphire ambulatory infusion system's innovative design and future-ready technology can help you deliver exceptional care.

Sapphire Infusion System for Acute Care. Learn more.
Sapphire Infusion System for Home Care. Learn more.

Pump Accessories

View available accessories for Hospira infusion systems here.