Antimicrobial Clave™ Connector

Enhanced Protection against Bacterial Contamination

LS AM ClaveWhen it comes to limiting bacteria contamination, design matters. Our Antimicrobial Clave™ needle-free connector integrates an antimicrobial ionic silver additive to improve the barrier against microbial ingress. During the production process, ionic silver is impregnated into both the split-septum silicone seal and internal blunt cannula of the Antimicrobial Clave, which provides an even and continuous distribution of silver ions throughout the 96-hour use life.1 The Antimicrobial Clave connector is approved for use on all peripheral, arterial and central venous catheters.

Innovative Features Reduce Infection Risk

  • Passive technology cannot accept a needle, ensuring compliance with needle-free policies
  • No additional components or adapters are required to access the device
  • Split-septum is noted in the CDC guidelines as a preferred design feature for connectors2
  • Straight fluid path allows for clearing of blood and blood residual with low flush volumes1
  • Minimal dead space (also referred to as residual volume) of 0.06 mL allows for lower flush volumes
  • Flat, smooth swabbable surface makes disinfection easy
  • Supports a saline flush option, which helps decrease the risk of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)
  • Clamping sequence not required, reducing educational burden and risk of error
  • Cleared for use with power injectors1

Take protection against bacteria to the next level with Antimicrobial Clave. For more information, contact your Hospira sales representative or contact us at 1-877-946-7747.

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