Spiros™ Closed Male Luer

The Heart of the ChemoClave™ Series

Spiros Product Photo 248x150Part of the ChemoClave™ Series, the Spiros™ needle-free connector is engineered for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Active only when attached to a standard luer-activated, needle-free connector, it features automatic self-sealing technology and closes in case of accidental disconnection. Spiros helps make IV risks more manageable.

  • Contains swabbable, DEHP-free components for use with antineoplastic drugs1,2
  • Designed to reduce leakage during transport, thereby increasing safety2
  • Remains closed until attached to a standard luer-activated needle-free connector2
  • Closed system design prevents leakage and drug vapor escape2

To put the ChemoClave Series and Spiros to work for your healthcare organization, contact your Hospira sales representative or call us today at 1-877-946-7747.

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