Clave™ Connector

Industry Leading Needle-Free Technology

Clave Product Photo 248x150

The Clave™ needle-free connector delivers a mechanically- and microbiologically-closed system to protect a patient's catheter from contamination that can lead to bloodstream infections. Use it for the administration of IV fluids, medication or blood products with:

  • Peripheral catheters
  • Arterial catheters
  • Central venous catheters

Featuring a unique passive technology, Clave connectors will not accept a needle, ensuring compliance with your needle-free policies. No additional components or adapters are required to access the device. The dedicated internal fluid path never comes into contact with the exterior or outer housing of the device. Because the Clave is compatible with the use of hazardous drugs, it is a valuable extension to your closed system transfer device (CSTD) lineup.

To help improve both patient and clinician safety, put the Clave needle-free connector to work at your institution. To learn more, contact your Hospira sales representative or call us at 1-877-946-7747.