PS Drugs IVSolutions Product Photo 248x248All Hospira IV solutions include a unit-of-use bar code system that helps facilitate medication management and enhance patient safety.

Hospira's IV delivery system offers a broad portfolio of flexible IV containers, with PVC and non-DEHP alternatives. 

Specialty solutions and partial-fill diluent containers complete the line and facilitate additive procedures. 

Hospira's line of irrigation solutions for general and specialty procedures is available in semi-rigid, shatter-resistant, Aqualite® pour bottles. Aqualite containers are manufactured with non-latex components and available in 250 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL and 1500 mL sizes. The square shape makes them easy to handle and prevents rolling. 

Our flexible irrigation containers for general and specialty solutions
are available in 1000 mL, 2000 mL and 3000 mL sizes. 


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