Safe, Trusted Oncology Care

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We understand Oncology is different. Specialized therapies pose critical challenges for pharmacists, clinicians, caregivers and patients. At Hospira, we strive to deliver a safer, more effective treatment environment for everyone’s benefit. Our broad range of trusted drugs, closed delivery system product options, needle-free IV sets and smart infusion devices may help you eliminate cytotoxic exposure risks from transportation to the point of care and disposal. Highly integrated solutions are easy to use, may help reduce waste and lower the overall cost of care. Dedication to your safety is our business.

Specialized Oncology Treatment Options

We offer a broad portfolio of specialty injectables to address the continuum of care, from patient comfort and nutrition to chemotherapy treatment.

Drug Delivery Systems

iSecure™ Syringe
Different by design, iSecure pre-filled and ready-to-use syringes ensure safer drug delivery. Learn more.
Uniquely designed to keep hazardous antineoplastic agents safer from transportation to administration. Learn more.

IV Sets

LifeShield™ ChemoClave™ Series
Maintains a needle-free closed system for the safe administration of hazardous and oncologic drug therapies. Learn more.

LifeShield™ Spiros™ Closed Male Luer
Automatic, self-sealing technology that creates a needle-free closed system for the safe mixing, transfer, administration and disposal of hazardous drugs. Learn more.

LifeShield™ Genie™ Closed Vial Access Device
Closed needle-free vial access device automatically equalizes drug vial pressure for the safe preparation of hazardous drugs. Learn more.


Plum A+ Infusion System
A proven, general-purpose infusion solution featuring innovative cassette technology for safe and effective concurrent IV delivery. Learn more.

It’s time to invest in safety. Contact your Hospira sales representative or call us at 1-877-946-7747.